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A sub-specialist Brisbane eye surgeon with advanced training in glaucoma, cornea, cataract and pterygium microsurgeries.

About Dr Toalster

His expertise and experience as an eye specialist

Dr Nick Toalster, MBChB, FRANZCO

Specialist ophthalmic surgeon

Dr Nick Toalster is an ophthalmologist with advanced training in cataract, corneal and glaucoma microsurgeries. 

As both an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, Dr Toalster is particularly well placed to lead the emerging field of eye disease management. He has helped develop one of the leading glaucoma co-management programs run through the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital.

As well as being a corneal transplant surgeon, Dr Toalster was part of the team that developed the latest, groundbreaking non-grafting treatments for degenerative corneal disease at the Sydney Eye Hospital. He is excited to introduce these new treatment paradigms for Queensland patients.

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Everything you need to know about Dr Toalster

Dr Toalster is a sub-specialist eye surgeon with advanced training in glaucoma, cornea, cataract and pterygium microsurgeries. He believes in using the latest minimally invasive techniques to maximise wellbeing and give patients better health outcomes.  Dr Toalster has been working in ophthalmology and eye health since 2002.  As both an ophthalmologist and an optometrist, he is particularly well placed to guide patients through their treatment.

He holds several regarded academic and teaching positions at prestigious organisations including at the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmology, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney and the University of Otago.

Dr Toalster divides his time between both public and private practice, where he treats the full range of complex eye disease.

Dr Toalster began work as an optometrist in 2002 after graduating from Queensland University of Technology. After working as a clinical optometrist for some years he then went on to study medicine and surgery, graduating from the University of Queensland in 2010. Dr Toalster undertook training as an ophthalmologist in Sydney and, in his final year, was chosen to be the Professorial Senior Ophthalmology Registrar. Following this, he embarked on an additional two years of fellowship sub-specialisation. He spent a year learning the latest corneal transplant techniques and cell-based therapies at Sydney Eye Hospital and another year at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital honing the latest advanced glaucoma treatments.

  • Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland and University of Sydney 
  • Guest Lecturer, University of Otago, Ophthalmology Preparation course
  • RANZCO Optics Examiner
  • RANZCO Curriculum Committee Member
  • RANZCO Diversity & Inclusiveness Committee Member
  • Registrar Teacher of the Year 2016, University of Sydney
  • Completed Fellowships, Sydney Eye H. (Cornea & Anterior Segment), Royal Victorian Eye & Ear H. (Glaucoma)
  • Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists (FRANZCO)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Honours (MBBS Hons)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Optometry with Honours (BAppSci Optom Hons)

Dr Toalster completed two additional years of fellowship specialisation; one in the latest therapies for glaucoma and the other in advanced corneal and ocular surface surgery.  His special interests include corneal transplantation, cell-based therapies, ocular surface cancer and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries.

Over the years, Dr Toalster has also performed research into a wide range of eye health topics, including retinal disease injection therapy, contact lenses and corneal genetic disease.

He also has a keen interest in training the next generation of eye care professionals and currently trains junior eye surgeons, optometrists and is a current college board examiner.

  • Fellow of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (FRANZCO)
  • Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand (EEBANZ)
  • World Glaucoma Association
  • Visiting Medical Officer, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • Australian Society of Ophthalmologists

Dr Toalster has a wide range of experience in medical research.  He is a highly regarded public speaker on the latest topics of eye treatment and diagnosis.  He is actively researching ocular surface cancer as well as the latest devices used for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.  He currently holds lecturing positions at the University of Otago and University of Queensland, teaching medical students and junior eye surgeons alike. He has also given many lectures at conferences on a wide range of medical topics.

His scientific publications include:

  • Collins, M., et al., Corneal Topography and Contact Lenses. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2003. 44(S).
  • Toalster, N. and R.L. Jeffree, Conjunctival oedema as a potential objective sign of intracranial hypertension: a short illustrated review and three case reports. Acta Neurochir (Wien), 2013. 155(11): p. 2159-63.
  • Toalster, N., M. Russell, and P. Ng, A 12-month prospective trial of inject and extend regimen for ranibizumab treatment of age-related macular degeneration. Retina, 2013. 33(7): p. 1351-8.
  • Garcerant, D., et al., Descemet’s stripping without endothelial keratoplasty. Curr Opin Ophthalmol, 2019. 30(4): p. 275-285.
  • Rao, A.C.A., et al., Temporo-Parietal Flap Incorporated Into a Modified Osteo-Odonto Keratoprostheses Protocol for Longevity of the Dental Lamina. Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg, 2019.
  • Toalster, N., Drop toxicity and at-risk ocular surfaces: Managing ocular surface disease for a lifetime of glaucoma. Pharma, 2019(March 2019).
  • Toalster, N., Lifestyle and alternative approaches to glaucoma: What can we say? Mivision, 2019. March(143): p. 36-38.

Dr Toalster’s career highlights include: 

  • Part of a team that developed the latest non-graft, cell-based regeneration technique for Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy
  • An early adopter of the latest Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgeries (MIGS), such as iStents, (Glaukos)
  • Leading the development of a collaborative glaucoma co-management program at RBWH and QUT
  • Founding member of the RANZCO Diversity & Inclusiveness Committee
  • Clinical Preceptorships in the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India and Frere Hospital, East London, South Africa

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