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Lifestyle cataract surgery restores clear vision for active lives

Remove your cataracts AND correct your glasses prescription to suit your active lifestyle

“I have cataracts and find my glasses a little annoying when I’m out and about”

After lifestyle cataract surgery, we’ll have removed your cataracts and aimed to significantly reduce your dependency on glasses. Our patients receive lenses that enable them to see clearly for many of the tasks and activities they enjoy most.

Many of our patients even begin to explore new passions and interests now that glasses no longer get in their way.

Restore your vision and reduce your dependence on glasses for certain activities

Discover everything you need to know about lifestyle cataract surgery

What is lifestyle cataract surgery?

Lifestyle cataract surgery allows you to enjoy a broader range of vision than standard cataract surgery. This option is ideal for those who have an active lifestyle and who value low dependence on glasses for distance and mid-range vision.

How do I know if I’m suitable?

To be sure that you are suitable for lifestyle cataract surgery, we will need to examine your eyes at your initial consultation.

How does lifestyle cataract surgery work?

In this surgery, we replace the cataract with a lens that has a range of focus. We call this extended depth of focus intraocular (EDOF) lens technology. This type of lens can correct the vision so that you can see clearly from 50 cm to the far distance.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Lifestyle Cataract Surgery



  • Unlike standard cataract surgery, lifestyle cataract surgery restores your vision and significantly reduces your dependency on glasses for specific tasks1All About Vision. 2021. Could cataract-dissolving drops replace cataract surgery someday?. [online] Available at: <>.


  • Laser cataract surgery is more costly than standard cataract surgery.
  • You may still need glasses for certain visually demanding tasks like reading in dim lighting conditions.

Different types of cataract surgery for different needs

Together, we’ll assess your candidacy and recommend the best solution to suit your needs and lifestyle
Standard Cataract Surgery Lifestyle Cataract Surgery Laser Cataract Surgery
We’ll remove your cataract and you’ll be able to see as you did before you developed cataracts
If you’re a glasses-wearer, you will be happy wearing glasses after surgery
If you’re a glasses-wearer, you’ll have reduced dependency on glasses for certain activities (distance and mid-range tasks) after surgery
If you’re a glasses-wearer, you’ll enjoy significantly reduced dependency on glasses for all activities (including reading, mid-range and distance vision) after surgery

What are the risks of lifestyle cataract surgery?

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

What are the risks of lifestyle cataract surgery?

There is a 98 – 99% likelihood of undergoing cataract surgery without complications that may permanently affect your best possible vision2VisionAware. 2021. What Are the Risks of Cataract Surgery? – VisionAware. [online] Available at: <>.

Potential complications of the procedure include retinal detachment, uveitis (inflammation inside the eye), infection, glaucoma, bleeding, and re-dislocation of the IOL3All About Vision. 2021. Certain Drugs May Cause Cataract Surgery Complications. [online] Available at: <> .

The risks of not having cataract surgery

If you do not treat your cataracts, you’ll eventually lose sight in your eye (until you have them removed). Untreated cataracts can become “hyper-mature” — a condition that makes them more difficult to remove and more likely to cause cataract complications4All About Vision. 2021. What happens if cataracts are left untreated?. [online] Available at: <>.

In certain people, the growth of a cataract can make them prone to primary angle-closure glaucoma. This is where the drainage channel in the front of the eye (trabecular meshwork) is gradually narrowed by the increasing size of the crystalline lens. Eventually, the drainage channel can become completely blocked, resulting in a rapid increase in the pressure within the eyeball and a painful red eye. Long-sighted patients are more likely to be at risk of angle-closure glaucoma5Medscape. 2021. Microincision Cataract Surgery. [online] Available at: <> . Your eye specialist will be able to assess if you are at risk of primary angle-closure glaucoma and whether you would benefit from cataract extraction or another treatment to prevent this serious condition.

Lifestyle cataract surgery steps

Get the expert eye treatment you need in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Removing the cataract

We use local anaesthesia in the form of eye drops and light (twilight) sedation. We make a tiny incision in the cornea – the transparent membrane on the surface of the eye – using a laser.

We insert a fine instrument through the incision, which uses ultrasound vibrations to break up the lens into a fine pulp. We then carefully remove this pulp under microscopic guidance.

Step 2 – Inserting the new lens

Once we’ve had the cataract removed, we implant the artificial lens (intraocular lens or IOL) using a special lens injector. In the majority of cases, the IOL will sit within the natural ‘bag’ that held the original lens, and the incision heals on its own.

Step 3 – Return home and relax

Once the surgery is complete, we place a clear shield over the eye, which stays on for four hours post-surgery. We will ask you to commence the use of postoperative drops which consist of an antibiotic drop and two anti-inflammatory drops. The surgery takes less than an hour, and generally, the total time at the hospital is approximately three hours.

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Lifestyle cataract surgery results

Gain freedom from glasses for many of the activities you enjoy

When will you start to see lifestyle cataract surgery results?

It is essential to give yourself some time to adjust to your new vision. Not only does physical healing need to take place, but the brain needs time to adapt.

Most patients have optimal vision and will have completely adjusted within a few weeks6All About Vision. 2021. 8 Ways to Minimize Cataract Surgery Recovery Time. [online] Available at: <> [.

How long will lifestyle cataract surgery results last?

Lifestyle cataract surgery results are permanent and should last a lifetime7Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center. 2021. 23 Answers to Common Cataract Surgery Questions. [online] Available at: <>.

You may need further treatment (i.e. YAG laser treatment) should you develop a post-operative condition known as PCO some time after cataract surgery..

When can you get back to normal life after lifestyle cataract surgery?

Your vision improves typically within a few days8All About Vision. 2021. 8 Ways to Minimize Cataract Surgery Recovery Time. [online] Available at: <>. However, the recovery can take longer if you have a pre-existing eye condition. You should be able to gradually resume your normal, active lifestyle after some days of rest.

Frequently asked questions
about lifestyle cataract surgery

Now you know your options, get your questions answered
You will receive an extended depth of focus intraocular (EDOF) lens. This type of lens can correct the vision so that you can see clearly from 50 cm to the far distance.
Before the treatment, you will be given anaesthetic eye drops followed by further anaesthetic around your eye to prevent any discomfort during the operation.

We will direct-bill the cost of your lifestyle cataract surgery to your health fund (provided there is top hospital cover with inclusion for cataract surgery – please check with your health fund)

  • This includes follow-up for 6 weeks

Note: There may be an excess to pay attached to your health insurance.

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Remember, the timing of cataract surgery is a personal choice. Cataract surgery is one of the most successful and life-enhancing interventions in modern medicine, with a fast recovery and significant improvement in the quality of life9National Library of Medicine. 2021. The impact of cataract surgery on quality of life. [online] Available at: <>.

The additional satisfaction that then comes with multifocal lenses is particularly high. Patients can see far away and read without glasses for the first time in many years or, in some cases, for the first time in a lifetime.

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