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The cornea is the clear front layer of the eye that serves as an important protective barrier. Our goal is to help you keep it healthy.

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Ocular surface disease can cause significant discomfort and vision problems. Treatment aims to reduce these symptoms so you can enjoy life without distraction. 

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Our treatment options can help ease the difficulties you’re experiencing day-to-day due to ocular surface disease.

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Discover how treatment for ocular surface disease can improve your quality of life.

Restore your window to the world

The cornea is the clear front layer of the eye that serves as a protective barrier. Learn what can be done to help optimise the health of your cornea.

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Ocular surface disease can cause significant discomfort and blurred vision. Treatment is available to reduce these symptoms.

Refocus on what matters

See how treatment of ocular surface disease can improve your quality of life.

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There are options to help you with the difficulties you are having with your day-to-day life due to ocular surface disease.

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Useful information about ocular surface disease treatment

Ocular surface disease treatment suitability criteria

The cornea can recover from minor injuries on its own. If it is scratched superficially, healthy cells slide over quickly and patch the injury before it causes infection or affects vision. But if a scratch causes a deep injury to the cornea, or if a patient’s immune system is not working as it should due to other disease, it will take longer to heal. This sort of injury often causes pain, blurred vision, tearing, redness, and extreme sensitivity to light. People with these symptoms need professional treatment.

How ocular surface disease treatment works

We can treat many corneal conditions with prescription eye drops or medication. If you have advanced corneal disease, you may need a different treatment such as laser, surgery or artificial cornea implantation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. However, we can manage corneal surface disorders effectively, provided we choose the approach and therapy carefully, based on discussions with our patients, the functional effects observed, and their severity.

Ocular surface disease treatment risks

If bacteria get into the corneal tissue under the protective corneal epithelium, infection or a corneal ulcer can result. These complications can be very serious and cause loss of vision. Proper care and commencing treatment regimes as prescribed by your ophthalmologist are necessary to help prevent serious consequences.

Options and alternatives

Other treatments include: 

Laser: To treat some corneal disorders, we can use a type of laser treatment called phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) to reshape the cornea, remove scar tissue, and make vision clearer.

Corneal transplant surgery: If we cannot repair the damage to your cornea, we can remove the damaged part and replace it with healthy corneal tissue from a donor.

Artificial cornea: As an alternative to corneal transplant, we can replace a damaged cornea with an artificial cornea, called a keratoprosthesis (KPro).

Ocular surface disease treatment steps

We will talk you through the treatment steps and options once we have devised a personalised treatment plan for you.

Ocular surface disease treatment results

Depending on the type and severity of ocular surface disease, most patients regain good visual function and suffer no permanent eye damage with treatment.1Hon Shing Ong, J., 2021. Managing ocular surface disease: a common-sense approach. [online] PubMed Central (PMC). Available at: <> [Accessed 24 June 2021].

Deep scratches on the cornea or chronic, untreated ocular surface disease can cause infections, scars, and other problems that can lead to long-term vision problems.

Report any unusual symptoms, including a return of pain after treatment, to your eye doctor.

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I am a specialist ophthalmic microsurgeon, internationally trained retinal surgeon, medical retinal diseases specialist, and cataract surgeon. With a career that spans over 15 years, I have mastered the ability to achieve precise results with the aim of helping patients regain their confidence and youthful energy.

Dr Nick Toalster, MBChB, FRANZCO

Cataract, Glaucoma & Cornea Surgeon

I am an ophthalmologist with advanced training in cataract, corneal and glaucoma microsurgeries. As both an optometrist and an ophthalmologist, I am particularly well placed to lead the emerging field of eye disease management.

Dr Delia Wang

Dr Delia Wang,

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I am a specialist in oculoplastics, ophthalmic cataract microsurgery, and medical retina. I am passionate about providing personalised, top-tier care and offer treatments for a range of ophthalmic conditions. I am fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and committed to making healthcare accessible to a diverse patient base.

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Dr Eve Hsing,

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I am a specialist in medical retinal conditions including macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and vascular occlusion, as well as general eye conditions such as cataracts and pterygium surgery. I take pride in taking the time to ensure my patients completely understand their eye condition(s) and treatment options.